3 Cards Hold'Em

Test your skill and see if you can beat the dealer in this exciting game of 3 Card Hold'em!


This spectacular online poker game merges Texas Hold'em with 3 Card Poker, and can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike! You can also place side bets to spice up your game and the paytable will give you the low down on what hands beat what - so get your poker face on!

How to play

You'll get 2 hole cards, and there will be 3 community cards on the table. You can only play 1 hand at a time, and your mission is to get a higher hand than the dealer. Can you do it?

Placing your bet couldn't be easier! Just select a chip and place your compulsory ANTE bet by clicking on the ante position. Keep placing chips until you're happy with your bet. You will then be offered the choice of one or two spicy side bets. Paired or Suited side bets will win if your 2 hole cards are a pair or of the same suit, whilst the Straight or Better side bet will win if your best 3 cards are a straight or higher. Which will you choose? Simply hit DEAL when you're ready to get your show on the road and you'll get 2 hole cards, as will the Dealer. You can find the 3 community cards in the middle of the table - 1 will be facing up and the other 2 will be facing down.

The TURN (x1 ante bet)

Will you BET or FOLD? It all depends on the strength of your poker hand and your reasoning If you think you've got a strong hand, hit BET and you'll place another bet equivalent to your original ante bet and turn over the 2nd community card. Otherwise, you can hit FOLD; the game will end and you will forfeit your ante bet.

The RIVER (x1 ante bet)

The RIVER bet involves placing another bet that is equivalent to your ante bet after you have placed a bet at the TURN stage of the game. If you have assessed your 3-card poker hand again and placed another bet, you'll turn over the 3rd community card. You can choose to CHECK if your hand isn't strong enough, and this means that your game will finish without you placing another bet.

The Outcome

Once all 3 community cards have been revealed, the outcome of the game depends on the dealer's hand. The dealer must have a pair of 4s or better, and you can be presented with 3 options. If your hand beats the dealer's hand, you win 1-1 on TURN/RIVER bets if the dealer doesn't qualify with a pair of 4s or better, and your ante is pushed. If the dealer does qualify in this situation, you win 1-1 on all three bets. If the dealer's hand beats your hand , you'll lose all bets. All bets will be pushed if yours and the dealer's hands are the same rank.

All side bets will then be settled according to the paytable. If you win the game, check the top right of the game screen to see your total win displayed in the PAID field.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.90%, which means for every £100 staked, the expected return would be £95.90. Please note, bonus wagering is disabled.

When the fun stops, stop